Biological molecules (AQA AS Biology) PART 7 of 8 TOPICS



TOPICS: Carbohydrates  Lipids  Proteins  Many proteins are enzymes  Nucleic acids  ATP  Water  Inorganic Ions


There are key characteristics of water that you must know:

  • Water is the major component of cells
  • It is a metabolite in condensation and hydrolysis reactions, for example
  • It is a solvent for metabolite reactions to occur
  • Has a high heat capacity so it can absorb heat until it starts increasing in temperature
  • Has a large latent heat of vaporisation which means that water has to absorb a lot of heat for it to become a vapour
  • Strong cohesion forces between molecules and produces surface tension when water meets air

] Again like ATP, this is all that you need to know about water. Simple 🙂 [