Effects of alcohol

Effects of alcohol

Short term effects

  • Alcohol slows down reactions because it is a depressant.
  • Being drunk can lead to blurred vision (making it more difficult to do simple tasks) and can lower inhibitions – people may do things they normally wouldn’t.
  • The more alcohol in the body the slower the nervous system becomes. Very large amounts can cause unconsciousness and possible death by choking on vomit. It can also slow the nervous system down so much that breathing stops.

Long-term effects of alcohol

  • Alcohol is normally broken down in the liver into harmless by-products. However, drinking too often causes the death of liver cells.
  • This forms scar tissue that can block blood flow through the liver which is cirrhosis. If the liver can’t do its job of cleaning the blood, dangerous substances start to build up and damage the rest of the body.
  • Too much drinking can lead to brain damage.
  • Alcohol can be addictive – those addicted to alcohol are called alcoholics.